In this section, Cecilia shares her own original pieces based on her experiences and work around the world.

En esta sección, Cecilia comparte escritos propios originales sobre sus experiencia de trabajo y observación de procesos de cambio en todas las regiones y países en los que trabaja.

Participatory research & design | Social Accountability | VSO

Cecilia was selected as lead VSO consultant on participatory programme research and design, with particular focus on social accountability initiatives implemented by VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) across the world. Cecilia will provide support to the Programme Development and Policy Teams by accompanying Programme Managers as they research and design programmes...
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IBEI | Course Planning & Evaluation Complex Initiatives

IBEI is an inter-university institute created in 2004 as a joint effort of all five public universities in the Barcelona metropolitan area and CIDOB (International Documentation Centre of Barcelona) to promote postgraduate training and research in politics and international relations in order to advance the understanding of global challenges to...
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UNASUR mediation practice and discourse

 Cecilia was invited by Swisspeace to present her article exploring UNASUR’s mediation and conflict transformation discourse and practice. Cecilia’s paper presents some characteristics of emerging mediation and conflict transformation practice and discourse developed in Latin America, and in particular, by the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR). The paper distinguishes a...
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Cecilia Editor and Innovator at Open Democracy

Cecilia is advising Open Democracy | Democracia Abierta – the Latino American chapter of the renowned Open Democracy media outlet with the aim to support the growth and partnership building strategy of the organisation in the region. Open Democracy | Democracia Abierta is an independent global media platform publishing up to...
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Facilitating strategic planning for peace

 Cecilia co-designed and co-facilitated strategic planning sessions  oriented to  increase the reach and impact of the Coordinating Committee  for  International Voluntary Service (CCIVS) -a global membership organisation promoting peace and mutual understanding with more than 180 members in all continents and created under the aegis of UNESCO. The sessions were attended...
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Author: South South Cooperation Case Studies

 Cecilia was appointed as of the main researchers of a South-South  Cooperation Case Studies publication commissioned by Reality of Aid  and The Open Forum for CSOs development effectiveness. Cecilia  authored a chapter presenting the Argentine South-South Cooperation  strategy in the context of socio-economic transformations in Latino  America. The article summarises...
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Author: Middle Income Countries & Inclusive Development

 Reality of Aid appointed Cecilia as main researcher of a study focusing  on Middle Income Countries (MICs) and International Cooperation  policies. The research critically assesses the impacts of ODA’s  (Overseas Development Assistance) contemporary policies and methodologies and explains how they are negatively affecting the capacity of MICs countries to implement...
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Rising Powers: Mediation and Latino America

The Centre for Rising Powers and Global Development (CRPD) at the  renowned Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex  (UK) invited Cecilia to give a conference on South-South cooperation  principles and their connection with contemporary Latino America  mediation and conflict transformation experiences. Cecilia critically explored political and process-oriented innovations...
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Cecilia invited by United Nations (WIPO) and Brazilian Government (INPI) to give conferences and provide training to officials

Cecilia was invited by the United Nations – World Intellectual Property  Organisation (WIPO) y el Brazilian Government –National Institute of  Intellectual Property (INPI)- to provide conferences and a training  focusing on international cooperation -and in particular, South-South  Cooperation-, negotiation and planning and evaluation approaches useful  for complex multi-country programmes. Cecilia’s...
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