In this section, Cecilia shares her own original pieces based on her experiences and work around the world.

En esta sección, Cecilia comparte escritos propios originales sobre sus experiencia de trabajo y observación de procesos de cambio en todas las regiones y países en los que trabaja.

From the South | Desde el Sur

Returning to the South is a celebration: A reunion with me and my story.  There are three main joys in this return. The first: finding myself again working with many others who imagine theories and  ways of action beyond the dominant paradigm –which is based on the premises of  control,...
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My Colloquium at BRICS Policy Center: citizens and peace processes

 On September 11th, 2014, the Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM) hosted the  colloquium Innovation and Citizens’ Participation in Peace Processes: reconfigurations in international  conflict transformation, led by GSUM 2014 Fellow Maria Cecilia Milesi.  In her lecture, Cecilia Milesi presented as examples the cases of Colombia, Somaliland and the  Philipines, where, according to her,...
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Research Report: BRICSAM and Inequality

“Empowering Civil Society Networks in an Unequal, Multipolar World”, Oxfam GB and partners.  Baseline Study of cross-country programme implemented in Brazil, Russia, India, China, South  Africa, Mexico and Indonesia (BRICSAM), 2014. (English). English Cecilia authored this Baseline Study report from analysing cross-national consultations and capacity  assessments data and conclusions gathered...
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Lecturer Peacebuilding, Winter Mediation School

Global South Unit for Mediation, BRICS Policy Center  As Fellow of the Global South Unit for Mediation (GSUM-Rio do Janeiro, Brazil), Cecilia taught at the  “Winter Mediation School” (2014). The tailored courses she prepared for the School explored critics to  the liberal peacebuilding model and the role of the Global...
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Co-facilitation of action- research and dialogue: Philippines, West Africa, Colombia

Philippines and West Africa Programmes, Conciliation Resources   English As Director of Peace Planning at Conciliation Resources, Cecilia was pivotal in supporting peace transformation in the Philippines and West Africa by facilitating -together with the programmes’ directors, teams and partners- tailored and creative action-research actions enhancing local  capacities for bottom-up...
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