Cecilia Milesi selected as an Asia Global Fellow for her outstanding professional tracked record

Asian GLobal Fellows logoCecilia was selected as one of the 15 global leaders who are part of the 2019 cohort of the Asia Global Fellowship. The Asia Global Fellowship is the flagship programme of the University of Hong Kong and the Asia Global Institute.

The fellows are “up-and-coming leaders in politics, policy, business and civil society with strong interest and track record in public policy”. The aim is to foster new leaders, share knowledge and nurture innovative policy-making including Asian perspectives. As a Latin American committed to inclusive peace and development, Cecilia considers it vital to build more and stronger bridges between Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Cecilia was selected some time ago after a rigorous selection process involving a panel composed of the Asia Global Institute Senior Management team, HKU academics and representatives of its Board of Directors. The University of Hong Kong is ranked the second best academic institution in Asia and 25th best in the world.

The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is an interdisciplinary global leadership development initiative for mid-career professionals with a strong interest and track record in public policy.  It aims to nurture future leaders and create influencers with a deeper understanding of global issues from Asian perspectives.

The program is directed and administered by Asia Global Institute (AGI) of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), a multidisciplinary institute which aims to bring Asian perspectives to global issues. AGI provides platforms for leaders to explore timely and critical issues in an informed and objective manner.  Its research and programs are supported by international academics, practitioners and policy makers in Asia and beyond. Fellows will have opportunities to interact with these global thinkers and thought leaders via AGI’s network.

The AsiaGlobal Fellows Program is carried out under the overall supervision of Professor Zhiwu Chen, Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics and Director of AGI at HKU. The Program Director is K. C. Kwok, Honorary Senior Research Fellow in the Faculty of Business and Economics at HKU, and formerly Chief Economist of the Hong Kong Government.

The 2019 AsiaGlobal Fellows are from diverse backgrounds and different corners of the world. These mid-career professionals are up-and-coming leaders in politics, policy, business and civil society.

They include a Nigerian state government director who introduced innovations in the local government; a Brazilian expert in trade and tourism who shaped creative strategies in promoting Brazil; a former central banker and leading international arbitrator from China; the first female chief of Ukraine’s National Police and former education minister of Georgia; a former China bureau chief of India’s largest media group; an Argentine human rights activist and a leader in South-South partnership development; a thought leader from Malawi promoting agricultural reforms across Africa; a UN officer in the international fight for drug control; the Chief Transformation Officer in Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health; a champion for freedom of expression, information and data protection in Serbia; a former World Bank senior economist leading policy dialogues on private sector reforms; a learning and development head at Russia’s third largest oil producer; a leading economist and energy expert from Turkey, and a national consultant in China for the UNDP.

The Asia Global Fellows will visit India and mainland China to hold policy meetings with government officials, business and philanthropic leaders and civil society representatives. The fellows will play a role during the highly influential “Asia Global Dialogue 2019” 

More information about the Asia Global Fellowship can be accessed here 

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