In this section, Cecilia shares her own original pieces based on her experiences and work around the world.

En esta sección, Cecilia comparte escritos propios originales sobre sus experiencia de trabajo y observación de procesos de cambio en todas las regiones y países en los que trabaja.

Cecilia Milesi distinguished as “eminent citizen”

An unforgettable ceremony and recognition The Santa Fe City Council organised the ceremony to distinguish Cecilia Milesi as an Eminent Citizen for her global work to support transformative social change projects. The ceremony was a memorable opportunity for Cecilia to meet policymakers, old friends and professors, and share stories from...
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Ibero-American Conference on South-South Cooperation

Cecilia Milesi was invited to speak at the conference on South-South Cooperation and the 2030 Agenda in Times of Global and Regional Crisis. The conference reached all Ibero-American countries and was organised under the framework of the Ibero-American Diploma on South-South Cooperation developed by the Latin America Faculty of Social Sciences...
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Southern solidarity for inclusive peace: Cecilia Milesi shaped global programme in the lead up to historic Second UN High-Level Conference on SSC

Cecilia Milesi played a crucial role in shaping a holistic strategy to support Southern solidarity for inclusive peace and development. In her role as Senior Adviser on South-South Cooperation on peace and development -and during a historic year characterized by intense negotiations among member countries, UN agencies and inter-governmental organizations-...
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Interview: Impact Women | Cecilia Milesi featured in Ogunte

Ogunte interviewed Cecilia Milesi and featured her trajectory to become a changemaker with local and global impact. And in-depth and inspiring journey through Cecilia’s story as she became a stronger catalyser of positive change Access the full interview here: SPANISH Ogunte conecta, moviliza y apoya a mujeres influyentes, capacitadas y...
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Decolonising Aid and locally-led peace and development: Cecilia Milesi’s contributions to Global consultation

Cecilia was invited to contribute to an on-line global consultation aiming better understanding the multiple dynamics between international and local actors during aid initiatives, including exits and transitions. The consultation brought together 95 participants from over 40 countries to critically engage with discussions on: Power Dynamics in the Aid Sector,...
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Social Accountability & Participatory Governance

This month I’m writing a “How to Guide” on social accountability and participatory governance for a global organisation. The guide will include step-by-step guidance to use citizens’ led monitoring and social change approaches – from rapid participatory polical analysis (PEA), community scorecards, participatory budgeting to social audits and forum theatre....
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The South-South Cooperation promise

At the end of 2016, I was appointed as rapporteur and invited to be a keynote speaker of the Global South-South Cooperation Expo (Dubai), organized by the United Nations South-South Cooperation Office. This month, the final Director General Forum (DG Forum) report was presented. It includes information, perspectives and debates...
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Somaliland Elections: Cecilia Milesi joins observation mission

Cecilia joined the international election observers to the Somaliland’s third presidential election (13 November 2017). The mission is composed by 60 selected experts, academics and professionales from 24 countries. The international election observation mission (EOM) has been invited by Somaliland’s National Electoral Commission (NEC) and is funded by the British government....
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Analysis: more than transitions, perpetual change processes

Human Rights & Peace: more than transitions, perpetual processes Transition’ theories and policies with a liberal, linear perspective take building politico-institutional ‘stability’ to mean a process that has an end. They see ‘stability’ as something permanent that is condensed into treaties, agreements, laws, institutions and constitutions that are relatively static....
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