Research & Articles

Research & Articles

Knowledge and ideas creation together with their open sharing are essential to support creative and participatory social change.

In this section, you will find Cecilia’s research, published articles, the methodologies and tools she devised while working for several organisations across the globe, as well as interviews given to different media outlets.

La creación de conocimiento e ideas junto a la comunicación abierta de los mismos es esencial en el apoyo y generación creativa de procesos participativos de cambio social.

En esta sección, presentamos publicaciones de Cecilia: desde investigaciones a artículos, metodologías y herramientas para apoyar procesos de cambio asi como entrevistas brindadas a diferentes medios periodísticos.

Civil Society Research & Articles

Research Report: BRICSAM and Inequality

“Empowering Civil Society Networks in an Unequal, Multipolar World”, Oxfam GB and partners.  Baseline Study of cross-country programme implemented in Brazil, Russia, India, China, South  Africa, Mexico and Indonesia (BRICSAM), 2014. (English). English Cecilia authored this Baseline Study report from analysing cross-national consultations and capacity  assessments data and conclusions gathered...
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Methodologies & ToolKits

Methodology and tools: Participatory Leadership

Methodology and Toolkit to support Community Leadership and Participatory Policy-Making  English Cecilia supported the creation, documentation and systematization -together with a group of  practitioners- this holistic methodology aiming at promoting community leadership and  participatory policy-making after a series of consultations with social leaders and cases  studies on various social change...
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Interview: from Argentina to East Africa

“Cecilia Milesi: from Santa Fe, Argentina to East Africa” El Litoral de Santa Fe, 2011 This article is about Cecilia’s engagement in the Somaliland peace and political process. It provides Cecilia’s early motivations to get involved in social transformation initiatives and support projects towards human dignity. “Cecilia Milesi, desde Santa...
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Policy Papers

Author: Memory, Truth & Justice- Lessons from Argentina

Cecilia’s paper “Justice across oceans: lessons learnt from the South-South  Learning and research exchange between Argentina, Sri Lanka and Egypt” is now  available for download: Lessons Learnt_Justice across oceans (CMilesi) The article summarizes main lessons learnt from a South-South learning exchange involving civil society organizations from Argentina, Sri Lanka and Egypt. The innovative...
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Author: Policy Brief “Innovation & Citizens’ participation in peace processes”

The Global South Unit for Mediation (BRICS Policy Center), Brazil, has published Cecilia’s Policy Brief “Innovations and Citizens’ participation in peace processes: necessary reconfigurations”. Download English Version here: GSUM_Innovation and Citizens’ participation for conflict transformation (Spanish Below) In order to debunk harmful and deep-seated myths constantly reaffirmed by traditional methods of conflict...
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Contribution: Somaliland Elections

Somaliland Presidential Elections 2010, International Observers Mission Final Report, Michael Walls and Steve Kibble main editors, 2010. English The Core Group of the Electoral International Observers of the Somaliland Presidential Elections wrote and published the final report assessing the fairness and transparency of the electoral process. Cecilia was one of...
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Sociological Research & Articles

Book Chapter: Financing of Sociological research in Argentina

“Sociology and the Movements of Money” in the book “Critical History of Argentina Sociology”, Edited by Horacio Gonzalez.  English The book examines the history of Argentine and Latino America Sociology: main  debates and contributors to  sociological research over 100 years. Cecilia’s chapter  assess the role of international financing of social...
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Research: Memory, customary law and peace

“Negotiating Memory and Forgetting: customary law and local politics in post-conflict governance”, 2009. (English)  English In this paper, Cecilia explores the role of local politics and customary law as enablers of legitimate  and sustainable peace. It challenges the “liberal peace” paradigm and the role of international actors  when engaging in...
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Essay: notes on social and personal transformation

“Ciudades-Hombre”, 2004 (Spanish)  English This essay is one of Cecilia’s first attempts to critically explore concepts relating to dialogue among  divided groups, the authoritarian state and critical and personal processes towards liberation and  freedom.  Spanish En este ensayo, Cecilia realiza unos de sus primeros intentos de exploración de conceptos relacionados...
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