Research & Articles

Research & Articles

Knowledge and ideas creation together with their open sharing are essential to support creative and participatory social change.

In this section, you will find Cecilia’s research, published articles, the methodologies and tools she devised while working for several organisations across the globe, as well as interviews given to different media outlets.

La creación de conocimiento e ideas junto a la comunicación abierta de los mismos es esencial en el apoyo y generación creativa de procesos participativos de cambio social.

En esta sección, presentamos publicaciones de Cecilia: desde investigaciones a artículos, metodologías y herramientas para apoyar procesos de cambio asi como entrevistas brindadas a diferentes medios periodísticos.

Civil Society Research & Articles

Author: South-South Cooperation

A in-depth study on South-South Cooperation has been published by “The Open Forum for  CSOs development effectiveness” ( and Reality of Aid  ( Cecilia authored a chapter presenting the Argentine South-South Cooperation strategy. Cecilia’s article summarises information on the Argentine South-South experience: from its origins to current main programmes, political debates...
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Research Report: Youth Inclusion and Mobilisation in Argentina

Participatory Study on Youth Inclusion and Empowerment, SES Foundation, Argentina, 2000-2007  English Cecilia was part of the coordinating team developing one of the most innovative  participatory social research initiatives undertaken with and by young people with fewer  opportunities living across Argentina. The paper presents the national findings based on  all...
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Research Report: BRICSAM and Inequality

“Empowering Civil Society Networks in an Unequal, Multipolar World”, Oxfam GB and partners.  Baseline Study of cross-country programme implemented in Brazil, Russia, India, China, South  Africa, Mexico and Indonesia (BRICSAM), 2014. (English). English Cecilia authored this Baseline Study report from analysing cross-national consultations and capacity  assessments data and conclusions gathered...
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Methodologies & ToolKits

Input: Conflict sensitivity Toolkit

Monitoring and Evaluating Conflict Sensitivity, methodological challenges and practical solutions, Diana Chigas and Rachel Goldwyn, UK DFID English This document is one of a series of Practice Products developed under the Conflict, Crime, and Violence Results Initiative (CCVRI). Cecilia was invited as an external expert to provide with input and...
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Interview: Founding Subir al Sur

Cecilia Milesi, Subir al Sur Founder: “Young Volunteers Go Up South” The Argentina Independent, 2008 Article about Subir al Sur, youth project founded by Cecilia: the vision of youth dialogue across divides and action-learning across cultures. Diez Argentinos “Suben al Sur” Artículo sobre Subir al Sur, proyecto juvenil fundado por...
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Interview: Collective courage for global change

Cecilia Milesi: “More Collective courage needed for global change” Blog Pasiones y Acciones, by Guillermina Lazzaro, 2013 An insightful interview about Cecilia’s role as change -maker and her ideas on intercultural education and the need for a systemic change towards justice and peace. “Nuestro gran pendiente es el atrevimiento colectivo” Una...
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Interview: Somaliland and Latino America

Cecilia Milesi: “Somaliland and Latinoamerica” English (first website in English and Spanish) about Somaliland, 2012 As a Latinoamerican I feel at home in Somaliland – Cecilia Milesi’s and Somaliland Focus UK work supporting peace and democratisation processes in unique Somaliland Spanish Como Latinoamerica, en Somaliland me siento en casa....
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Policy Papers

Co-Author: CDA Total Austral Argentina, Vaca Muerta Field Visit Report

In the spirit of collaborative learning, CDA has engaged with Total over a period of  12 years, visiting operations in Myanmar, Nigeria, Bolivia, Uganda, and other  countries. CDA is a non-profit organization committed to improving the effectiveness  of national and international actors who provide humanitarian assistance, engage in  peace practice,...
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Author: Memory, Truth & Justice- Lessons from Argentina

Cecilia’s paper “Justice across oceans: lessons learnt from the South-South  Learning and research exchange between Argentina, Sri Lanka and Egypt” is now  available for download: Lessons Learnt_Justice across oceans (CMilesi) The article summarizes main lessons learnt from a South-South learning exchange involving civil society organizations from Argentina, Sri Lanka and Egypt. The innovative...
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Author: Policy Brief “Innovation & Citizens’ participation in peace processes”

The Global South Unit for Mediation (BRICS Policy Center), Brazil, has published Cecilia’s Policy Brief “Innovations and Citizens’ participation in peace processes: necessary reconfigurations”. Download English Version here: GSUM_Innovation and Citizens’ participation for conflict transformation (Spanish Below) In order to debunk harmful and deep-seated myths constantly reaffirmed by traditional methods of conflict...
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Contribution: Somaliland Elections

Somaliland Presidential Elections 2010, International Observers Mission Final Report, Michael Walls and Steve Kibble main editors, 2010. English The Core Group of the Electoral International Observers of the Somaliland Presidential Elections wrote and published the final report assessing the fairness and transparency of the electoral process. Cecilia was one of...
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Sociological Research & Articles

Book Chapter: Society and Cinema

“Así es la Vida”, Cecilia Milesi and Rodrigo Carbajal, in the book “Cine e Imaginario Social”, edited by Fortunato Malimacci, 2000.  English The chapter written by Cecilia and Rodrigo explores the role of the family in social change and the  determination of cultural and social identities. The conclusions are based...
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Book Chapter: Financing of Sociological research in Argentina

“Sociology and the Movements of Money” in the book “Critical History of Argentina Sociology”, Edited by Horacio Gonzalez.  English The book examines the history of Argentine and Latino America Sociology: main  debates and contributors to  sociological research over 100 years. Cecilia’s chapter  assess the role of international financing of social...
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